Home Design

Working with Fairhaven Homes means you have the flexibility to be as creative as you want with your home. After all, we’re bringing your dreams to constructed reality! We’ll work with you on planning every detail, using your sketches, clippings, needs, and wish lists as our guides.

We’ll ask you to consider your family’s requirements from the most basic bedroom number to specifics like occupation, children, pets, or relatives now or in the future that may affect your design. Once we address your needs, we’ll move from room to room, factoring in desired room flow and floor plans, style, and scope.

We offer a 3D rendering step that allows you to see your home, inside and out, before we put a shovel into the ground.

One of the best ways to choose features in your new home is to look at houses you like in your area. Take note of details, such as a front porch or window style, and we’ll work it into your design. Do you know what type of floor plan you want in your kitchen? Whether or not you want a formal living room and dining room? Are luxury features like wine cellars or movie theaters must haves? We factor in everything!

Collect pictures of elements that you like and we’ll integrate them into a home that represents your taste. Magazines, websites like Houzz and Pinterest, and books (click here for our suggestions) are all excellent idea generators.

Every home begins with architectural plans. We recommend that you take advantage of our design/build services. That way we can control costs and materials from the start. As an experienced builder and designer, Charlie can design your home in the most cost effective way. You will be able to see your home in 3D, down to every detail, before we even start building. We also have a handful of plans that you can choose from on our Fairhaven Home Plans page.

If you find a plan online that is similar to what you want, we’re happy to tweak it to meet your needs. We can also start from scratch with your sketches and ideas. If you’re already working with an architect, we are happy to coordinate with them.

Looking for more info on our process? Here’s a video to give you a better idea – Our Design-Build Process.