Once your loans and plans are approved and we’ve discussed all of your needs and wants, it’s time to break ground on your new home. This is where you’ll notice the Fairhaven Homes difference as we will personally manage every step of your custom home construction process.

We’ll coordinate all of the subcontractors and material required, using only trusted and reliable resources who’ve proven their worth to us time and again. We’ll begin by clearing your home site of any trees or obstructions, taking care to save and protect as much of the environment and your views as possible.

We coordinate and manage every step of your home’s construction process.
Our early construction process is very straight-forward: the basement is excavated, footings are poured and the walls are formed and poured. As your home’s walls cure, the foundation is sealed and the drainage systems for ground water and plumbing are installed. The entire foundation installation process will take about 30 days.

Once your home’s foundation is in place, we move on to the most magical construction phase: framing. It’s during this exciting phase that our framing crew will build your home’s bones and you will finally be able to take your first walk around your new house. Framing generally takes three to six weeks depending on the size and complexity of your home. It’s a dramatic process during which your home will suddenly have walls, a roof, and windows. Once the roof is on, we “dry-in” the building by installing the windows and papering the roof.

As the individual trades converge on your house, things will appear to slow down considerably. In reality, a lot more work is actually being done on your house during the rough-in stage. It just isn’t as dramatic as the previous construction stages. During the next six weeks, dozens of people will be installing the inner workings and options of your house as well as scores of back-ups and blocking for things yet to be installed.

This may not be the most exciting time, but it is very important that everything and everybody be properly coordinated. Taking the time to get things right at the rough-in stage saves lots of aggravation later on.

Meanwhile, your masonry work and shingles have been completed and we’re ready for county inspections (which take about a week). Then it’s time to insulate and drywall. Hanging the drywall goes quickly, and now the rooms take on their definition. Drywall finishing takes about 10 days–then comes the trim work and finishing details.