Buying Land

Buying land is probably the most important aspect of building a home. You can always change the way a house looks but there is only so much you can do with the land. We suggest that you hire an agent who understands the area and the land purchase process. Call us for realtor recommendations.

Consider the location carefully especially its proximity to commuter roads, shopping and schools. Look at the lay of the land.

Features such as steep drop-offs, rock outcroppings, drainage problems or poor access roads may increase costs. Find out if utilities such as gas, electricity, sewer and water are available, especially if you are buying a lot in a country setting, and how much it will cost to access them. In many rural settings, well and septic may need to be installed.

You can always change the way your house looks, but there’s only so much you can do with the land.Charlie
Investigate what the future holds for neighboring properties. Will other houses be built? How many? Are they zoned for residential or could commercial buildings be put in? Is there a possibility of additional buildings or roads being added in the future? How will your view be impacted? Are there areas where you will be restricted as to what you can build – easements, restrictions (i.e., flood plains, steep slopes)? Once you find a lot you like ask the owner for a survey and any pertinent documents they may have including well and septic info. All Northern Virginia jurisdictions have websites that you can check for information on topography and building restrictions. For Loudoun County, go to County Mapping GIS.
The county government has created a New Homebuyer Info Guide to help potential homebuyers navigate the process of purchasing a home or property in Loudoun County. Check it out for more information on a wide variety of topics.

Once you find a property that interests you and you have approved financing, we will be happy to look at the lot with you and provide suggestions. If you’re considering us for your new home, we highly recommend that you take advantage of our land-buying service. For a small fee we will do a deep background check on the lot you’re considering to ensure that there are no hidden issues. Charlie has trained hundreds of Loudoun County Realtors on buying and selling land so he is the expert they turn to.

Contact us and we will assist you with all of this and help you structure your lot-purchase agreements to your advantage.