Finishing Details

This is where the house takes on your personality. As soon as the drywall is finished and sanded it’s time to start your interior trim work – interior doors are installed, windows are trimmed, base moldings are put in, and crown mold and custom details are installed in selected rooms. Once the trim carpenter is finished the painter caulks and putties all the trim work and puts on the prime coat of paint. Then the drywall contractor returns for his first of three quality checks. The second coat of paint and enamel are applied.

Now all of the finish and mechanical trades return to install bath and kitchen cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures, hardwood floors, and all other finishing details. Then the house is locked tight while the hardwood floors are sanded and finished. Next, the appliances are delivered and the carpet installed. The finish crew does a final paint and drywall touch-up. Meanwhile, your yard is fine-graded, sidewalks and driveways installed, landscaping completed and final inspections for home occupancy are finished.

The home is ready for you to walk through one week before you move in to ensure that everything is to your liking.